We have already summarized the most important Apache open source projects for you. In the following we will explain what Apache is and give you an overview of the most important projects.

What is Apache?

Apache is an open source and free web server software. It is one of the first HTTP servers and was released back in 1995. It supports over 350 open source projects. Experts from all over the world develop software solutions for various applications and individual user comfort. These are maintained by a large community. The projects are mainly offered free of charge and are constantly being expanded.

The most important open source apache projects
Overview of the most popular Apache open source projects

Apache open source Projects and Industry 4.0

Apache gives you event streaming of big data with Apache Kafka.
Data streams allow machine data to be read, processed and analyzed as it is generated. Intermediate storage is not necessary. You can thus distribute large sensor data to individual microservices with high performance. Apache provides you with many interfaces to industrial data protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, …) and to machine control systems. In addition, the individual software solutions are fully compatible with each other.

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We want to help you keep track:

Below we have summarized the most important Apache projects. If you don’t know anything about the individual software solutions yet, click on the project title. There we have explained the individual technologies in detail.

Cluster Computing

Apache SparkCluster Computing

Apache FlinkStream Processor Framework

Apache MahoutMachine Learning

Apache HiveData-Warehousing

Apache Hadoop Big Data Framework

Apache Avro Data serialization framework

Many of the open source projects are regularly improved and extended with additional programming language support. So you can already implement many software solutions in your Python project. The entry-level nature of this programming language makes automation pipelines and Big Data solutions more accessible. If you want to learn Python, we have compiled an overview of the individual frameworks and libraries here. This will make it easier for you to get an overview of the individual functionalities and to get started in a more targeted way.