You have certainly heard such terms as MES, PLM and ERP in connection with Industry 4.0.
In this article we will discuss the question:
What is ERP and why shouldn’t you do without it?

To stay competitive in today’s world, you need to increase the efficiency of your business processes. It is important that you optimally plan, control and manage your operational resources (capital, personnel…).

Your goal should be to create high quality and continuity with high productivity and low lead time.
Many of your business processes create ever larger amounts of data and increase in complexity. You need to reduce this complexity and increase your flexibility.
Many software solutions are available to your company for the optimal use of resources.

What is ERP System – Overview

what is erp system - this diagram clearly shows you all the components of an erp system
What is ERP – Overview ERP System

Basically, an ERP system is an IT-supported system of software solutions that communicate with each other. Your data is stored centrally and should represent your company in its entirety through quickly available information. The information of your business processes is optimized and documented.
The trend is towards web-based applications.
This means that you access the system interface via your browser. This means that you can also access it beyond the boundaries of your company. Another advantage is that you don’t have to install any services, making you hardware-independent.

What are ERP Subsystems?

what is erp system - this diagram shows you clearly in which business areas an erp system is used
in which business areas is an erp system used

You can use ERP systems in all areas of your business. They provide you with complete solutions for all necessary subsystems. Complex systems are divided into so-called
application modules, which you can combine with each other as you wish. These fulfill various tasks for the provision and further processing of information. In this way, you can put together your ERP system according to your requirements and adapt it to the size of your company.

What is Advantages Cloud ERP?

ERPs can also be purchased as a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

These are completely industry and hardware independent. You, as a user, can access a sophisticated ERP software package online and thus from anywhere. This gives you absolute spatial flexibility. However, Cloud ERP solutions are still quite new and not yet fully mature. So you should weigh up well in advance whether you want to use a cloud application.

erp cloud
What is ERP – ERP Cloud Advantages