== Open source data analysis and manipulation Python library
– released in 2008 by Wes McKinney
– written in Python, Cython, C
– Name is derived from “Panel Data
– is, next to Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib, one of the most important data manipulation and analysis tools → All are compatible with each other
→ Our strength lies in the processing and evaluation of tabular data and time series

pandas functions

Data structures

– Pandas defines own data objects for data processing
→ form the basis for functions and tools

Series Object

– 1-dimensional
– Data structure with two arrays (one array as index + one array with data)
– can accept different types of data (ints, strings …)
– When adding several series, the indices are combined

DataFrame Object

– 2-dimensional
– contains an ordered collection of columns
– different columns can consist of different data types
– Each value is unique by a row and a column index

Panel Object

– 3-dimensional data sets
– consisting of dataframes
items – each item corresponds to a DataFrame contained inside.
major axis – index (rows) of each of the DataFrames.
minor axis – columns of each of the DataFrames.

Major Applications

pandas major apps

The product and further information can be found here: