MES System, PLM and ERP – These terms are being mentioned more and more often in connection with Industry 4.0. But what is behind these systems and what are the differences? In this article, we will explain what a Manufacturing Execution System (MES system) actually is and what tasks it has.

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Relationship between SCADA, Field Level, PLC, ERP and MES

The MES system is an operational process-related part of a multi-layer MES System. It is responsible for real-time production management and control. You can use MES data to optimize manufacturing processes and detect errors during the production process. The MES system is assigned to the ERP system. This system accesses your MES data to plan production. It then feeds this information back to your production control system for implementation. You can learn more about ERP here.
Thus, the basis of your MES usually the information from the ERP and the production planning PLM.
Learn more about PLM here.

Relationship between company level
Relationship between company level

The interaction of the individual components is moving closer together in Industry 4.0. To what extent you can read here.

What does the MES include?

MES is usually a multi-layer overall system. It processes your production data into Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and enforces the fulfillment of an existing production plan.

this diagram clearly shows all components of a MES System
Overview MES System features

MES and Industry 4.0

You’ve probably heard of the term Industry 4.0. It describes the manufacturing of the future. By using software solutions, you can now analyze large data streams in real time. This allows you to optimize your individual production steps and shorten life cycles.
The MES plays an important role here due to its proximity to production. This allows you to make important decisions quickly and implement production plans.In your company of the future, software solutions from various divisions are networked with each other. So you can form information chains and the MES is part of this network.

Connection Industry 4.0 and MES System
Connection Industry 4.0 and MES System