Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, but what is it actually? We’ll give you a clear overview here on this page. If you don’t know anything about the individual software solutions, click on: learn more. There we have explained the individual technologies in detail.

What is the industry status today?

The manufacturing industry plays an important economic role worldwide. In order to remain competitive, it is crucial to optimize processes. To shorten product life cycles and thus to be able to produce more cost-effectively.

For this purpose, many software solutions are already available to you today at various company levels to process large amounts of data in real time and to make decisions.


A software solution system for planning, controlling and managing operational resources. Used at management level.

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ERP overview of all functions
ERP – Overview of the scope of services


A part of a manufacturing management system and operates as a process level. It is thus responsible for, among other things, production control.

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MES – Overview of the scope of services


PLM is a software solution system to support product development. It covers every aspect of the product lifecycle. PLM looks at physical products. ALM is used in the context of software products.

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Functional scope of ALM and PLM compared
ALM vs PLM – Overview of the scope of services

So what is Industry 4.0?

When people talk about Industry 4.0, they are referring to a new level of technological progress. The basis of this innovation is the Internet of Things (IoT). The software solutions of different company levels are networked into cyber-physical systems and exchange information with each other in real time. In this way, production planning can be made in management and implemented directly in production. As production, in the future, becomes more and more complex, will be the mastery of complexity and complex technologies along with the necessary know-how. AI algorithms can help here despite increasing complexity to find sensible decisions and to present the data in a low-dimensional way. 

So it’s an Industry 4.0 AND existing software solutions and not an OR

Industry 4.0 and the interaction of individual software systems
Industry 4.0 unites the individual software systems